Pintorie intertwines the creation of knitwear of extraordinary value with the awareness that each of our choices produces ethical and ecological consequences around us, acting concretely to allow everyone to wear durable and sustainable garments to recognize themselves, without wastes or ambiguity.

The awareness of our every choice

Starting from a yarn without chemical treatments, obtained from farms that restore dignity to animals avoiding cruel practices, such as mulesing, and respecting the times of nature, we create elegant and delicate wefts through a local production chain, environmentally friendly and conscious of the value of work.

Rediscovering an artisan culture in the pure use of dyeing plants such as ford, that blue gold which, as Piero Della Francesca’s family tells, has made the fortune of the Tuscan hills over the centuries. We paint our sweaters with that alchemy of vibrant colours which the palette of nature spontaneously offers us.

The search of ancient herbal knowledge

This search for ancient herbal knowledge and environmental sensitivity is reflected in a unique and contemporary knitwear line linked to the seasonal cycles of sowing and flowering. The lively and harmonious colours of the Monopinto collection develop enchanting shades over time, while the Variopinto collection offers unrepeatable patterns, designed through the artisanal use of leaves, berries, roots and seeds of dyeing plants.