Who we are

Pintorie was born from the intuition that the fusion of art, science and nature is not only part of our Renaissance past, but also the key to regaining consistency in the contemporary world beyond mere appearance. The name itself recalls on the one hand the figure of the painter intent on painting those pristine landscapes that we want to convey on our garments, on the other hand the rediscovery of the natural properties of dyeing plants and the long experimentation that accompanied their use.

Maturing its professionalism through the passion of three generations engaged in the world of clothing, surrounded by the rolling hills of Sansepolcro, Pintorie combines a consolidated local production reality in excellent knitwear with the spirit of ecological innovation that is the key to our future, distancing itself from the intensive practices that too often characterize the sector.

Sustainability and competence

To create our collections we have created a dense network of collaborations based on the principles of reciprocity, sustainability and competence. From pure yarns obtained through certified farms without chemical treatments to dyeing pigments from organic farming or self-produced, Pintorie combines experts in quality raw materials with low environmental impact that craftsmanship and stylistic vocation that has made Italian fashion famous throughout the world.